PIAB now the Injuries Resolution Board

PIAB now the Injuries Resolution Board

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) has become the Injuries Resolution Board, with an enhanced role and the expansion of its services to include mediation.

The renamed body now offers a mediation service for employer liability claims, with mediation to be rolled out to all other categories of claims over the course of 2024.

Alongside the launch of the new service, the Board has also published new analysis of employer liability claims and awards from 2019 to 2022, reflecting its new research role.

Speaking yesterday, Dara Calleary, the minister with responsibility for the Board, said: “This is a hugely positive and significant change to the role of the Injuries Resolution Board which provides huge opportunities for less cases to enter into expensive and lengthy litigation and to allow for more cases to be resolved through it, and ultimately, to reduce the burden on insurance policy holders.

“As part of the Board’s enhanced role in research and analysis of data, the findings today of the employer liability claims and awards provide invaluable insights into the profile of accidents in and around the workplace and how best these can be mitigated. It also clearly demonstrates the decrease in claims and costs since 2019 and I expect this should be reflected in business insurance premiums.”

Rosalind Carroll, the Board’s chief executive, said: “Today represents a significant evolution in how personal injury claims can be resolved in Ireland and offers an opportunity for both sides to a claim to have their say far earlier, reach an agreement rather than have a decision made for them, and at the same time reduce the significant cost and time associated with litigation claims in Ireland.

“The introduction of mediation allows our independent, impartial mediators to engage directly with parties to discuss issues relating to the claim such as liability and the injuries sustained, as well as the value of the claim.

“By removing even more cases from costly litigation, this should create an environment which facilitates the growth of a healthy insurance market, that attracts competition and has insurance that is available and affordable for individuals, communities, and businesses to be able to function and thrive.”

She added: “Last week we reported on the significant drop in claims volumes since 2019 and the most significant drop in average award levels since 2020. Today’s release on employer liability claims and awards also shows the significant decline in volumes and claim values in this area.

“The combined impact of all this is that the overall cost of claims has dropped significantly, it will continue to drop further, and ultimately should have a positive impact on insurance premiums.”

Hilary McGouran, who heads up the new mediation service, added: “Mediation is a well-established and a very effective alternative dispute resolution mechanism that is used throughout the world.

“Today we are introducing mediation as a new means of resolving personal injuries claims. Mediation will facilitate the resolution of claims that currently end up in litigation in a speedier and lower cost manner.”

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