Mediation proposed to facilitate Government formation

Sabine Walsh, president of the MII
Sabine Walsh, president of the MII

The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) has proposed the use of independent facilitation services to support the process of forming a Government.

The inconclusive result of last month’s election has prevented the return of the Fine Gael-Labour coalition that was formed in 2011.

Talks are now ongoing between both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil and a range of smaller parties and Independents.

Sabine Walsh, president of the MII, said: “Given the uniqueness and complexity of the outcome of the general election, the use of expert independent facilitation services would enhance the prospects of a successful outcome.

“The establishment now of a structured framework with bespoke facilitation services would optimise the quality of dialogue between the parties involved and maximise the chances of success.

“The priorities of an independent facilitation team would be to ensure that a) the best background ambience for productive talks is provided and that b) the focus of the parties involved is maintained on achieving a comprehensive and workable agreement that will provide an effective and long lasting government.

“A successful outcome to this process is crucial for the country and it behoves us all to ensure that the best supports are made available.”

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