UK: ‘OLD-SCHOOL’ not necessarily ageist

UK: ‘OLD-SCHOOL’ not necessarily ageist

Calling someone “old-school” is not necessarily ageist, a tribunal has ruled in a dispute involving an employee’s preference for uppercase letters.

Lydia Roganovic, 50, insisted on publishing social media tags in capital letters when she worked at iplato Healthcare Ltd in London.

She began working for the company in 2018 but was let go in January 2019.

Linda Okachi, who worked under Ms Roganovic, sent an email stating that rendering hashtags in block capitals was “a bit old-school”, likening it to shouting.

Ms Roganovic said this was to “bring out the MAIN POINT OF THE POST”.

After being made redundant, she launched a claim for wrongful dismissal, unfair automatic dismissal and age discrimination.

Judge Bernard Hodgson said Ms Okachi would have used the phrase “old-school” irrespective of the recipient’s age.

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