NI: Northern Ireland should have ‘its own shortage occupation list’ after Brexit

NI: Northern Ireland should have 'its own shortage occupation list' after Brexit

Conor McCrory

Northern Ireland should have its own shortage occupation list to support the local manufacturing and agri-food sectors, solicitor Conor McCrory has said.

Speaking at a Brexit panel discussion this week, Mr McCrory, business immigration associate at Cleaver Fulton Rankin, pointed to the fact a Scotland-only shortage occupation list already exists.

The panel discussion, part of the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition at the Titanic Exhibition Centre, heard from local politicians and academics about the challenges and opportunities ahead for Northern Ireland’s immigration requirements.

Manufacturers small and large from across Northern Ireland are faced with immigration difficulties surrounding low skilled European and non-European migrant workers.

Mr McCrory told the event: “What I would like to see is a set of proposals brought to Westminster by our leading politicians whichever side of the political divide to offer workable immigration solutions specific for Northern Ireland.”

He addd: “Scotland has a shortage occupation list for job roles which are under vital demand to prop up the Scottish economy with the Home Office. I would suggest Northern Ireland receives a pre-defined list of manufacturing and agri-food roles under high demand here.”

“Such a list would permit for these migrants to regularise their immigration status in Northern Ireland facilitating for lower salary levels to be offered by employers in Northern Ireland on realistic salary levels.”

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