Non-EEA doctors to be able to access Stamp 4 permit sooner

Non-EEA doctors to be able to access Stamp 4 permit sooner

Helen McEntee

Non-EEA doctors will be able to access a Stamp 4 permit after just two years of working in Ireland instead of the current five years under changes to working arrangements and immigration permissions.

The move, which will benefit up to 1,800 doctors in the State, aims to reduce the administrative burden for affected doctors and make Ireland a more attractive place for doctors to relocate to.

The changes will give most doctors with general employment permits the same rights as doctors on the critical skills employment permit scheme.

From now on, most non-EEA doctors already in the State for between two and five years with a general employment permit may apply for a new permission granting them the right to work without a permit. Their spouses or partners will also receive a permission allowing them to work.

Under the previous rules, non-EEA doctors must have been present and working in the State for five years to qualify.

Justice minister Helen McEntee said: “Improving the immigration conditions for non-EEA doctors and their partners and spouses is something I welcome and is in line with my commitment to create a more fair and efficient immigration system.

“Migrant doctors have long played a crucial role in our health service and these changes go some way towards recognising that contribution.”

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