New podcast tells story of Irish serial killer

New podcast tells story of Irish serial killer

A new six-part podcast features the “confession tape” of serial killer Kieran Patrick Kelly, the Irish Examiner reports.

The Nobody Zone comes from RTÉ’s Documentary On One and Third Ear Productions in Denmark.

Its creators say: “This podcast features something never previously heard — anywhere, from anyone — the confession tape of an Irish serial killer. A true crime story that’s both bizarre and at times hard to believe, it’s taken almost five years to piece together.”

In police interview tape with Kelly from 1983 he admits to murdering up to 15 people over the course of three decades.

Narrator Tim Hinman tells us: “It’s a very rare and difficult thing to get hold of, I can assure you — it took us over three years to get hold of this tape and to get permission to use it.”

Episode one sees a Kelly arrested on Clapham Common in London for stealing a wedding ring, only to murder another man in his police cell. When interviewed by police, he confesses to multiple murders.

Episode two takes us to 2015 when, amidst claims by a retired police officer of mass murder and cover-up, the police reopen Kelly’s case.

But is the new evidence to be trusted?

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