New awareness campaign targets victims of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence

New awareness campaign targets victims of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence

A new campaign to raise awareness on pathways to safety and supports available for victims of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence has been launched by the Department of Justice.

The ‘Always Here’ campaign — which will run on TV, local and national radio, digital and social media, and elsewhere — seeks to highlight and signpost victims and wider society to the available support services and encourage them to reach out for help and to report what has happened or is happening to them.

The campaign is launching just before Christmas, a time when reports of domestic abuse in particular can escalate.

Justice minister Helen McEntee said: “Sadly, the risk of domestic violence can increase over the Christmas period, and I am conscious for people in abusive situations that the worry of reduced availability of trusted professionals and support services can cause increased stress.

“I want to assure victims of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence that they are not alone. Help and support is always available, including during the Christmas period.

“An Garda Síochána, the Courts Service and other services, including the vital supports provided by our community and voluntary sector, are always here for you including during Christmas, and when you ask for help, you will be heard.”

The campaign follows the previous ‘Still Here’ campaign, which was focused on telling victims of domestic violence that help and support remained available during the Covid pandemic, despite the various restrictions on travel and social contacts.

The ‘Always Here’ assets produced for the campaign seek to empower victims by reassuring them that they will be believed, that the issue will be taken seriously, that there are organisations ready to support them, and that the wider Irish society stands with them and condemns the behaviour of perpetrators.

A new website,, has also been launched which provides advice and information on available supports to victims of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence. It explains the various manifestations of domestic violence and coercive control, including targeted advice and information for young people who are concerned about domestic abuse.

Mrs McEntee added: “The development of this campaign has included significant input from those on the frontline supporting victims of these heinous crimes, including state and non-state organisations.

“What has come through loud and clear in those discussions is that we, as a society, are determined that that there is zero tolerance for domestic and sexual violence and we, as a society, stand with the victims of these awful crimes. There will be no let-up in our efforts to tackle domestic and sexual violence, and to see justice served to perpetrators and for victims.”

This burst of the campaign will continue until late January, while messaging primarily targeting victims of sexual violence will be developed later in 2024.

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