Lord of the Rings fan fiction writer’s case backfires

Lord of the Rings fan fiction writer's case backfires

A writer of Lord of the Rings fan fiction has failed in a copyright case over the publication of his own sequel to the series.

Demetrious Polychron published ‘The Fellowship of the King’ in September last year. He described it as a “pitch perfect” follow-up to the original trilogy.

In April this year, however, his attempt to sue the Tolkien estate and Amazon over their spin-off series Rings of Power, which he said infringed his copyright, failed. A court in California dismissed the case, with the judge ruling that it was his book that infringed the copyright of the Amazon show.

The Tolkien estate thereafter filed a separate case against Mr Polychron demanding the destruction of all copies of The Fellowship of the King and an injunction against the rest of the series being distributed.

Lawyers fees of $134,000 (£106,000) were awarded to the Tolkien estate and Amazon.

The Tolkien estate’s UK solicitor, Steven Maier, said: “This is an important success for the Tolkien estate, which will not permit unauthorised authors and publishers to monetise JRR Tolkien’s much loved works in this way.

“This case involved a serious infringement of copyright, undertaken on a commercial basis, and the estate hopes that the award of a permanent injunction and attorneys’ fees will be sufficient to dissuade others who may have similar intentions.”

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