Irish government welcomes milestone for AI Act

Irish government welcomes milestone for AI Act

The Irish government has welcomed a further milestone on the EU’s landmark AI Act becoming law.

The proposed AI Act has now been unanimously endorsed by all EU member states. It still requires the approval of the European Parliament, which is expected in the coming weeks.

Simon Coveney, the minister for enterprise, trade and employment, said: “The AI Act is a hugely important piece of legislation that sees the EU lead on regulating this powerful and evolving technology.

“It will help foster trust amongst its users through its compliance obligations, transparency and accountability requirements while also ensuring the responsible development of AI which will encourage enterprises to invest and innovate in this new technology.”

Dara Calleary, minister of state for trade promotion, digital and company regulation, added: “The AI Act is the first of its kind and will ensure that AI systems will be used in a trustworthy and ethical manner to protect the rights of the individual while ensuring that the opportunities that this technology brings in areas such as health, the environment, education, will be maximised through responsible, trustworthy innovation.

“Crucially, this regulation supports Ireland’s ambition to become a leading country in using AI to the benefit of our people, through a human-centred and ethical approach to AI adoption and use. Work will commence immediately on implementing this important regulation.”

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