FLAC calls for ‘full consultation’ on civil justice reform proposals

FLAC calls for 'full consultation' on civil justice reform proposals

Eilis Barry

Legal rights group FLAC has called on Justice Minister Helen McEntee to commit to a “full consultation process” on the recommendations of Mr Justice Peter Kelly’s review of the administration of civil justice.

The final report of the review group, led by the former High Court president, was published yesterday and contains over 90 recommendations.

The group was unable to reach a consensus on how to reduce litigation costs in Ireland, but set out options as well as making recommendations on civil legal aid and modernisation of the civil justice system.

Eilis Barry, chief executive of FLAC, said: “The report of the of the review group is important to every citizen in the State, but particularly those who are disadvantaged, as it examines the administration of civil justice with a view to improving access to justice and reducing the cost of litigation including costs to the State.

“FLAC will consider the contents of the report over the coming weeks, but our first priority is to ensure that there is proper consultation prior to the implementation of the recommendations of the report.”

She added: “We very much welcome the minister’s commitment to improving access to justice and accordingly we are asking the minister to commit to a broad and meaningful consultation process with external stakeholders.

“This should include people who are most likely to be affected by the implementation of this report and representatives such as lay litigants, FLAC and other independent law centres, the Legal Aid Board and other relevant statutory bodies and academics on the contents of the report and its implementation.

“Every member of the public has a stake in how our system of civil justice is delivered, and should have a say in how it is improved, not just those who are already part of the system.”

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