UK: Deliveroo succeeds in Court of Appeal as riders held to be self-employed

Deliveroo has succeeded in its employment case in the Court of Appeal in London.

The IWGB union had brought a case seeking employee status for Deliveroo couriers but judges upheld the rulings of the inferior courts that riders are self-employed.

The Court of Appeal found that Deliveroo was not in an employer-employee relationship with couriers, with one judge calling the decision “inevitable”.

Lord Justice Underhill, who gave the lead judgment, pointed out that riders were under no obligation to provide services personally and could use a substitute to fulfil a shift – with only limited restrictions on the practice.

Riders also lacked specific hours and, in fact, were under no obligation to do any work at all, the judge found. Furthermore, they had to provide their own phone and bicycle.

The Supreme Court case of Uber v Aslam was considered but held to be irrelevant on the basis it was not about personal service.

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