And finally… without prejudice

A lawyer who admitted to having an affair with a colleague under questioning from a stand-up comedian has gone viral on TikTok.

Over 129,000 people have viewed the clip uploaded by comedian Jessica Kirson, which begins with her asking questions of a couple in the front row of her show.

Identifying himself as an attorney, the man explains they “didn’t want to sit up front” as he was worried about being shared on social media.

After more probing questions, he adds: “We’re having an affair.”

Taken aback, the comedian ejects: “You’re having a fucking affair and you sit in the front! … Are you fucking kidding? I need to use this camera angle for my TikTok. I’m not kidding.”

The lawyer later refuses to answer questions about his career. Asked what kind of attorney he is, he replies only: “Honest.”

Another audience member shouts out “Divorce!” to laughs from Kirson and the rest of the audience.

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