And finally… PI misses case under his own eye

A private investigator who was hired by a man to find out if his wife was having an affair was shocked when he found that she was indeed – with the PI’s own son.

The wife, Amber Telford, 33, was jailed for 30 days after admitting to unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

Ms Telford, a dance teacher from Utah and mother of three, was also given 150 hours of community service after the PI discovered her with his own son.

Two weeks before the affair was revealed Ms Telford had filed for divorce from her husband, with the PI finding she had bought teen clothes and booked a trip to Disneyland.

It is believed that Ms Telford, an ex-NBA cheerleader, had sex with the boy in her car, her mother’s house and also her studio. He was a pupil of her dance school, which has since been closed.

Local news station KSL obtained a court statement stating: “She started by flirting with (the teen) and eventually began a sexual relationship with him that occurred at her home, her mother’s home and also in a vehicle belonging to Amber.”

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