And finally… wild goose chase

And finally... wild goose chase

A prison in Brazil has swapped guard dogs for geese — which authorities say are cheaper and more effective.

The São Pedro de Alcântara Penitentiary in Brazil’s southern state of Santa Catarina recruited the nine “geese agents” late last year.

Prison officers came up with the idea after their own unpleasant encounter with a group of wild geese, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Now, the geese “are like colleagues for me”, prison officer Marcos Coronetti said.

Prison director Marcos Souza said guard dogs have an upfront cost equivalent to €6,500 or £5,500 and have high vet and food costs.

The geese, meanwhile, “are happy with rice and they never get sick” and are also less susceptible to being bribed with food.

He added: “We’ve got guns, 7.62mm and 5.56mm rifles. The geese are just, let’s say, an additional security measure.”

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