And finally… walkies

Dog owners in Germany will be legally required to take their pets outdoors for exercise for half an hour at least twice a day.

The new draft law proposes to change animal welfare law to ensure pets are not confined to kennels all day and are given enough outdoor exercise, The Times reports.

The bill would also bring in a number of new rules to address animal abuse and puppy farms.

The new rules would ban breeds with defects, such as pugs with flattened faces or German Shepherds with hip problems, from dog shows in an attempt to reduce demand for these breeds and reduce breeding.

The proposed regime would be enforced slightly differently across Germany’s federal states, but owners will not face random spot checks.

Julia Klöckner, the agriculture minister, said: “Animals are not there to fulfil the dubious aesthetic demands of their owners,

“They’re not mascots. When they are bred in a way that prevents them from the behaviours appropriate to their species, that is animal torture.”

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