And finally… underground art

An advert depicting Michaelangelo’s naked statue of the biblical David has been banned from Glasgow’s subway.

The poster, advertising a local Italian restaurant, showed David with a slice of pizza photoshopped into his hand.

David has been the focus of various censorship battles for hundreds of years since it was unveiled in the 1500s.

According to the BBC, the firm managing advertising for Glasgow Subway said the poster could not be displayed unless the nudity was edited.

Nadine Carmichael, head of sales and marketing for DRG Group, which owns Glasgow’s Barolo restaurant, said: “We had artwork in place and discussed if we could cover the crotch with a flag.

“We got stickers made and the feedback was that they weren’t actually big enough. Our next port of call was to show Michelangelo from the waist up. We got there in the end.”

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