And finally… top gear

And finally... top gear

A man who bought one of the world’s most expensive cars, a Ferrari 250 GTO, is entitled to have its original gearbox, located years after the sale in a US workshop, a judge has ruled.

Gregor Frisken, who runs a dealership in London, agreed to buy the prized car from Bernard Carl, a collector in California, for $44 million in 2017, knowing the gearbox was missing.

The gearbox was later located in a car workshop, but a disagreement between the pair over an additional payment escalated until Mr Carl was demanding $500,000 from Mr Frisken for the “unique and special” gearbox.

A protracted court battle in London has now ended with a judge ordering Mr Carl to send the gearbox, finding his refusal to send it without an additional payment to be “in breach of contract”.

Mr Carl has until Monday to appeal the judgment.

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