And finally… till thief returns for takeaway

Police in Dundee are investigating a theft at an Indian takeaway which saw a man make off with the till only to return minutes later – for food.

When opening his takeaway the following day, Rimzi Mohammad, manager of Embassy Tandoori found the till and card reader missing.

However, he was even more shocked at CCTV footage showing the culprit return minutes later to swipe naan bread and other items.

Mr Mohammad told the Evening Telegraph: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it — he was walking around the shop as if he was the owner, just taking everything.

“He must have been very hungry after lifting the till because he took quite a lot of food away with him. I can’t believe he had the confidence to come back twice in the space of about 15 minutes.

“He came in first and tried to break open the till but he couldn’t.

“So he lifted it and took the entire thing with £100 worth of change in it.

“He took the card reader as well.

“Then, about 15 minutes later, he came back, went into the kitchen and started looking through all the cupboards and then the fridge.

“He took portions of vegetable pakora and a naan, garlic mayonnaise, chutney and two juices.”

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