And finally… the real MacKay

Voters on a small Canadian island will have to choose between candidates Matthew MacKay and Matthew MacKay at the ballot box this month.

The provincial election vote in Prince Edward Island is set for April 23, but the candidates in the district of Kensington-Malpeque share the same name.

The Green Party’s Matthew J MacKay, 64, who is challenging incumbent Matthew MacKay, 37, of the Progressive Conservatives, blamed the confusion on the frugality of Scottish settlers.

He told CTV News the situation was the “talk of the community”.

He said: “The Scots are very frugal people, we recycle everything – we even recycle names.”

He added: “There are a lot of MacKays and there are a lot of Matthews.

“We’re not really creative when it comes to new, trendy names. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened in PEI before.”

News outlets on the island have been referring to each MacKay along with his political party: PC MacKay and Green MacKay.

Matthew J MacKay, however, calls himself “Old Matthew”.

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