And finally… the law is an ass-paragus

A five-step recipe for asparagus gratin was inadvertently published in the digital version of Belgium’s official journal.

The recipe, appearing in the middle of regulations on drug and medical device pricing, was spotted by a Belgian lawyer.

Flagging the error on Twitter, company lawyer Morgan Moller quipped: “I have had it with people who say that the Moniteur Belge is useless. You can find everything in there: laws, determinations, recipes, you name it.”

He added: “Honestly, I have not often encountered this hilarity in my legal career.”

Wilfried Verrezen, director of the Moniteur Belge, said the error had only affected the online version of the journal and not the canonical written version, The Bulletin reports.

He said he was thankful for that “because that, we cannot correct – we would have had to publish an erratum”.

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