And finally… stolen goodies

A confectionery company has lost its entire $110,000 shipment of exotic Japanese KitKats, becoming the latest victim of a sophisticated ‘strategic theft’ scam.

Danny Taing, founder of New York-based Bokksu, which specialises in offering rare Japanese snacks to American consumers, had ordered an assortment of unique KitKat flavours like matcha latte, melon, and daifuku mochi from Japan. The shipment, valued at $110,000 and destined for New Jersey, mysteriously disappeared en route to its destination.

Strategic theft scams see fraudsters impersonate legitimate carriers. The number of strategic thefts has surged, with around 200 incidents reported monthly this year, marking a 700 per cent increase from previous years.

In these scams, perpetrators use fake identities and businesses to deceive suppliers and exploit tight delivery deadlines, often leading to misdirected cargo. Once successful, retrieving the lost shipments becomes a challenging task for business owners.

According to the FBI, strategic theft results in annual losses of approximately $30 billion, with food and electronics being common targets.

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