And finally… spilt milk

A milkman was inadvertently arrested after police mistook him for a burglar because he was “driving around so early in the morning”.

The milkman had been carrying out his duties in Newton Aycliffe, in the north-east of England, when officers began following his van.

He was pulled over for questioning and then allowed to continue with his work – but later confronted by police again on suspicion of burgling a local shop.

Three police cars arrived to force him out of his van, despite him showing his work ID, delivery sheet and all the milk in the back of the van, The Times reports.

The milkman’s manager, Russ Gibson, said: “He explained he was delivering milk but they kept asking what he was doing this early in the morning.”

Police said the milkman has been released without charge for the attempted burglary but “released under investigation in relation to the arrest for obstructing a police officer”.

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