And finally… spiderwoman

T-shirts bearing a design inspired by the UK Supreme Court president have gone on sale – with a third of profits going to charity.

Lady Hale delivered the unanimous judgment of 11 justices yesterday in two major constitutional cases, with the court finding that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had unlawfully prorogued Parliament.

The brooch she wore, that of a camel spider, has since become a social media sensation and one company – based in Mr Johnson’s constituency of Uxbridge – has begun selling t-shirts with a silver spider motif.

Balcony shirts is donating 30 per cent of every sale to homelessness charity Shelter.

Camel spiders are known to chew their victims to a pulp before releasing an enzyme that liquefies their flesh. Not only that, but they punch above their weight: their jaws can extend to a third of their body length – allowing them to best even the biggest prey.

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