And finally… smooth criminal

Michael Jackson memorabilia seized from the vice president of Equatorial Guinea will be used to help pay for Covid-19 vaccines for the country, US authorities have said.

Obiang Mangue was required to sell the memorabilia, as well as a $30 million California mansion and a Ferrari, as part of a 2014 settlement agreement in the US.

The US claims Mangue is a “kleptocrat” who amassed over $300 million worth of assets through corruption and money laundering in violation of US and Equatoguinean law.

Under the 2014 agreement, $10.3 million of the settlement funds were to be forfeited to the US and the rest to be distributed to charity for the benefit of the people of Equatorial Guinea.

The US Department of Justice confirmed this week that $19.25 million would be distributed to the UN and $6.35 million to Medical Care Development International (MCDI).

The UN will use the funds to purchase, store, distribute and administer Covid-19 vaccines to at least 600,000 people in Equatorial Guinea.

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