And finally… ripped a new one

Ripper and Co, a bar in Portsmouth inspired by murderers including Jack the Ripper, has sparked controversy and complaints.

The venue, due to open later this month, has been criticised for making light of the Ripper’s infamous 1888 murders.

“It’s a real problem,” historian Hallie Rubenhold told the BBC, expressing concern that people saw the murders as “a sort of joke”.

In response to the backlash, owner Dan Swan announced plans to change the bar’s décor, focusing more on classic horror movie characters, and partnering with a women’s rights charity.

“We have moved away from original plans in terms of the décor…and are theming it more on classic movie horror characters,” Swan told BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour.

While the news of the bar opening has been met with both excitement and criticism, Portsmouth city council has granted the venue an alcohol licence.

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