And finally… red flag

Five-year-olds will be taught about “the evils of communism” under a new law enacted in Florida.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis appeared with a sign reading “ANTI-COMMUNIST EDUCATION” as he signed the bill requiring the topic to be taught at all school grades from kindergarten onwards, USA Today reports.

It sets out particular topics which must be taught, including “the increasing threat of communism in the United States and to our allies through the 20th century” and “the economic, industrial and political events that have preceded and anticipated communist revolutions”.

Although some legislators questioned whether kindergarteners were old enough to understand the lessons, the bill passed with wide support from both Republicans and Democrats.

Mr DeSantis said: “We’re going to tell the truth about communism in the state of Florida. We’re going to tell the truth about the evils of communism.”

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