And finally… rapped

A judge who posted TikTok videos lip-syncing to rap songs with explicit lyrics while wearing his judicial robes is facing disciplinary action.

Judge Gary N. Wilcox, a criminal judge in New Jersey, USA, posted around 40 videos under the alias “Sal Tortorella” over a two-year period from 2021 to 2023, The New York Times reports.

An investigation by the state’s advisory committee on judicial conduct found that 11 of the videos were “inappropriate” — some of them because they were filmed in his judicial chambers or in his bed.

A number of the songs featured in the videos contained “profanity, graphic sexual references to female and male body parts, and/or racist terms”, the committee noted.

One video, according to the committee, shows the judge “in chambers with law books visible behind him” lip-syncing the words: “All my life, I’ve been waiting for somebody to whoop my ass. I mean business! You think you can run up on me and whip my monkey ass? Come on. Come on!”

Judge Wilcox will now face a disciplinary hearing after which he could be reprimanded or dismissed entirely from the bench.

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