And finally… practice makes perfect

A lawyer who spent 15 years re-enacting episodes of TV quiz show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? was finally invited to compete in the real thing – and walked away with the top prize.

Hamburg lawyer Jan Stroh, 35, watched all 1,407 episodes of the German version of the famous TV show, Wer Wird Millionär, and re-enacted them in his own home-made version of the set.

The mega-fan was invited onto the show this week for a special 20th anniversary episode, which ended with him claiming the €1 million (£910,000) prize, The Guardian reports.

In an interview with German tabloid Bild, he said: “The fact that I have spent almost 16 years re-enacting the show on my own quiz stage, complete with all the buzzer and bell sound effects, certainly gave me an advantage.

“Of course the excitement was huge, especially having applied so often, and then to really be sitting opposite Herr Jauch, my biggest fear was to have a blackout.”

Mr Stroh said he plans to continue practising as a lawyer in Hamburg, but would spend the prize money on new clothes, a holiday to Australia, charity – and an upgrade for his home-made quiz set.

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