And finally… phone home

And finally... phone home

A software gaffe has sent irate iPhone owners in search of their lost devices to a random family home in Texas.

Scott Schuster has spoken to local media about his bewilderment as people keep turning up at his front door in search of their iPhones and AirPods because Apple’s “Find My iPhone” app keeps giving his address as their device’s last known co-ordinates.

“I have to wake up and go open the door and explain to them that I don’t have their device, and people don’t tend to believe you,” he told KTRE.

Mr Schuster added: “There’s plenty of irrational people in the world that if they are angry, if they’re drunk, if they have had a rough night and they lost their phone and thought it was stolen.

“That’s my biggest concern. Someone coming to the house potentially with a weapon.”

He said he was so far unable to get a response from Apple’s support team and had alerted local police to the problem.

A spokesperson for Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office said it was looking into the issue.

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