And finally… nutters

A flight attendant who was forced to apologise on his knees to the airline chairman’s daughter for serving her nuts in a bag and not on a plate has won £14,000 in compensation.

Park Chang-jin was subjected to a stream of verbal abuse from Cho Hyun-ah, eldest daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho, after he presented her with the bag of macadamia nuts.

He was then forced to apologise on his knees before he was removed from the plane, and later demoted for speaking out in the press.

The incident made international headlines and ultimately led to Ms Cho’s conviction for violating aviation safety, coercion and abuse of power in 2015.

However, Mr Park has only just concluded his lawsuit against the airline for “physical and psychological suffering”.

A court in Seoul accepted part of Mr Park’s argument, ordering Korean Air to pay him 20 million won, but dismissed the suit against Ms Cho.

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