And finally… Master Bates drones on

A prosecutor in Oklahoma has filed charges against an alleged prostitute and her client after a drone operated by an anti-prostitution zealot caught the pair carnally incapacitated in the man’s truck.

Amanda Zolicoffer, 27, and Douglas Blansett, 75, face charges of public lewdness after Brian Bates, a “video vigilante” who films prostitutes with clients, ostensibly because he dislikes prostitution, caught them.

Mr Bates tailed Ms Zolicoffer and Mr Blansett after spotting the woman getting in her client’s vehicle. He followed them to a tire yard and launched his drone from an adjacent street.

It dropped to within feet of the vehicle and watched Mr Blansett on top of Ms Zolicoffer – perhaps having sex.

Mr Bates handed the video to a police officer who confirmed the woman’s “pants were off” and that she and the driver were having sex.

Sergeant Ben Lacaze added: “Once Zolicoffer and the driver saw the drone, they immediately ceased their activity and left the area.”

The pair were arrested and were freed on a $500 bond.

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