And finally… lobster pot

A restaurant is under investigation over its practice of giving lobsters marijuana to relax them before they’re killed and cooked.

Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound owner, Charlotte Gill, who is a licensed medical marijuana giver in Maine, cannot currently serve her “smoked” lobster meat.

The Southwest Harbor eatery is being investigated by state health inspectors over its unusual practice, which is intended to lessen the suffering of lobsters before they are dropped in boiling water.

Gill told the Portland Press Herald that “after being contacted by the state, and upon reviewing its present laws and codes applicable to this arena, and then making a few minor adjustments to our procedure, we are completely confident that we will be able to proceed as planned.”

She added: “These are important issues and ones that can also benefit not only the lobster, but the industry as well. Truly we are not trying to go against [the state’s] wishes and would love to work with them in order for us all to make this world a kinder place.”

Emily Spencer, a Maine Department of Health and Human Services spokeswoman, refused to say if the state had asked Gill to halt sales of the lobster but said it would be up to the Maine Medical Marijuana Program to decide if Gill was using cannabis appropriately.

David Heidrich, a spokesman for the program, said: “Medical marijuana may only be grown for and provided to persons with a marijuana recommendation from a qualified medical provider. Lobsters are not people.”

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