And finally… line in the sand

Litter-picking volunteers unexpectedly discovered a package containing a kilogram of cocaine worth up to £100,000 while cleaning a Cornwall beach.

The wrapped package was found by volunteer beach cleaners taking part in an event organised by the 2 Minute Foundation last weekend.

“We never normally find much interesting stuff,” Jodie Harper, the volunteer who found the package, told The Times. “It’s usually just fishing waste.”

On discovering the “plastic wrapped and taped package” and realising that there was “white powder in there”, the volunteers took their find to the police.

Devon and Cornwall Police carried out further searches but failed to unearth any further packages.

A spokesperson for the force said: “If anyone believes that these drugs belong to them and wishes to be reunited with the package, then please pop in to the nearest police station and make yourselves known to officers; we will do our best to assist you.”

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