And finally… like father like daughter

A High Court judge whose father was a law lord has been used as an example of diversity on the bench by the Judicial Office of England and Wales.

Mrs Justice Steyn appears in a video answering questions on how she got into law and the obstacles she faced in her career, Legal Cheek reports.

She is the daughter of Lord Steyn, who was a law lord between 1995 and 2005.

She says in the video: “Before I started my career I certainly had a perception of barristers as all fitting a particular mould — one that I knew I did not fit — and it took a little while for me to appreciate that there is no mould, I didn’t have to fit any existing mould or break one. In reality individual practices are incredibly diverse and suit people with so many different qualities and attributes”.

A spokesperson for the Judicial Office told Legal Cheek: “We try to feature judges from a wide range of backgrounds, regardless of who their parents might have been. She speaks in the interview about her experience as a woman at the bar and when she was appointed to the High Court she was notable for being the only non-Oxbridge graduate in that round of appointments.”

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