And finally… judge not

A prominent Muslim cleric with more than three million followers has issued a fatwa against Facebook’s “haha” reaction.

Ahmadullah, based in Bangladesh, said the use of the “haha” reaction to mock people is haram – but using it in good faith is fine.

In a video watched more than two million times, he said: “If we react with haha emojis purely out of fun and the same was intended by the person who posted the content, it’s fine.

“But if your reaction was intended to mock or ridicule people who posted or made comments on social media, it’s totally forbidden in Islam.”

He added: “For God’s sake I request you to refrain from this act. Do not react with ‘haha’ to mock someone.”

However, hundreds of people used the “haha” reaction on the video – suggesting they didn’t quite accept his message.

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