And finally… ich bin kein Berliner

The Liechtenstein government has lodged an application with the European Court of Human Rights against the Czech Republic over a dispute regarding the sovereignty of Liechtenstein and the nationality of its citizens.

Liechtenstein, an independent state since 1866, has objected to the Czech Republic’s insistence on recognising its citizens as Germans.

Under agreements passed after the Second World War, the presidential decrees of 1945, the Czech Republic is entitled to keep property which was seized from ethnic Germans and Hungarians after the Second World War.

The Czech Republic claims that a former Prince of Liechtenstein had declared himself of German nationality in a 1930 census. Despite objections to this by Liechtenstein authorities, the Czech Republic claim this allows them to recognise the people of Liechtenstein as German.

Liechtenstein’s Foreign Ministry said: “Liechtenstein citizens have again been denied their property rights in the Czech Republic based on the Presidential Decrees of 1945, which impermissibly classify them as persons with German nationality. This constitutes a manifest disregard for Liechtenstein’s sovereignty.”

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