And finally… fruit machine

A woman is suing Kellogg’s for $5 million, alleging the company’s strawberry Pop-Tarts contain very little strawberry.

Filed earlier this month in the Southern District of New York, the suit is the latest in a series of class actions against Kellogg Sales.

The suit alleges: “The product’s common or usual name of ‘Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries’ is false, deceptive, and misleading because it contains mostly non-strawberry fruit ingredients”.

In a statement to The Washington Post, a Kellogg spokesperson said that “the ingredients in and labelling of all of our Pop-Tart products fully comply with all legal requirements”.

Elizabeth Russett, the plaintiff, has demanded trial by jury and $5m in compensation under the Class Action Fairness Act.

She alleges the foodstuff contains more pears and apples than strawberries and that the quantity they do contain “is insufficient not merely to provide the nutrient benefits of strawberries but to provide a strawberry taste”.

Her lawyer Spencer Sheehan of Sheehan & Associates told the Wall Street Journal: “Nobody’s saying that you expected to get everything from a strawberry. You’re not eating a fresh strawberry, obviously.

“But if you’re going to call it strawberry, you either ought to have all strawberries in there or just call it something else.”

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