And finally… family at war

A lawyer has been left with a £350,000 bill after losing a legal battle with his sisters over the estate of their late father, an esteemed judge.

Lord Templeman, who was nicknamed “Sid Vicious” because of his sharp rebukes to counsel, died in 2014, sparking a family feud.

His son Michael Templeman, a barrister, went to court to claim his father was suffering dementia when he decided to leave his £580,000 home to Sarah and Jane, The Times reports.

The two sisters are the daughters of Lord Templeman’s second wife, but are not related by blood to the judge or his sons Michael and Peter.

A previous version of Lord Templeman’s will left most of his £817,000 estate to Michael and Peter, with just £18,000 each for Sarah and Jane, but he revised it after their mother died in 2008.

Mr Justice Fancourt, sitting in the High Court in London, has ruled that the new will was valid and there is no evidence to suggest the late judge’s mental functioning was impaired.

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