And finally… fake views

A former art museum boss has gone on trial for allegedly spending millions of euros in public funds to buy works of art she knew to be fake.

Consuelo Císcar, the 76-year-old former director of Spain’s Valencia Institute of Modern Art (Ivam), has been charged with perverting the course of justice, falsifying documents and embezzlement.

Prosecutors say Ms Císcar bought works purportedly by 20th century Spanish artist Gerardo Rueda, but which she knew to be made after his death by his adoptive son, José Luis Rueda, El País reports.

The convoluted scam allegedly involved Ms Císcar, Mr Rueda and the museum’s financial director, Juan Carlos Lledo, all of whom now face prison sentences.

A total of €2.9 million was spent to acquire the disputed works, while €500,00 was spent to produce replicas of them and €700,000 to promote them.

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