And finally… dress to impress

A lawyer was arrested after removing his trousers in a courthouse because they were setting off a metal detector.

Pittsburgh lawyer Jeffrey Pollock, 59, became frustrated with security guards at a family court building after they refused to let him enter due to alerts from the metal detector.

Mr Pollock told guards that his metal braces were the cause of the alert and that he could not take them off, but guards insisted he walk through the detector until the alerts stopped.

Eventually, Mr Pollock unhooked his braces, dropped his trousers, took them off, and placed them in the bin to go through the metal detector, leaving him standing in just his shirt and underwear.

Police officers subsequently arrested Mr Pollock, who was later released and charged with disorderly conduct, Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office said.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said it “would like to forewarn anyone who attends the family court division that visible underwear is not part of the dress code”.

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