And finally… Deutsche marks

A law student who lost marks for wearing jeans and a casual top to an exam has won a court battle to revise her grade.

The woman, who has since graduated, sat the exam as part of her master’s course in public administration law at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in July 2017.

Students were told to adhere to a formal dress code for the exam, but the requirement was relaxed owing to a heatwave in the German capital that summer.

However, they were told to be “well-groomed” and the woman’s denim jeans and polka-dot top did not meet her lecturer’s expectations.

She subsequently brought the matter to a Berlin court, which ruled in her favour and ordered the university to revise her grade, the Berliner Morgenpost reports.

Judges said clothing could only be taken into account where it is relevant to the subject, for instance in a fashion design course or in the case of correctly wearing protective clothing.

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