And finally… courting controversy

A judge in Wisconsin who handed a lawyer a five-day jail sentence for contempt of court decided to add a creative punishment he called a “moving jail”

Judge Philip Kirk in Waupaca County told lawyer Michael Petersen, 33, that over the course of his probation he will have to tell every client he is a “crook, cheat, thief and liar” reports the Appleton Post-Crescent.

The judge said the condition will surround Mr Petersen with a “moving jail” and said he does not care if it affects his law practice.

He told the man: “I want you to have as much business as a pimp in a nursing home.”

According to the newspaper this was one of the judge’s “more printable phrases” in the 90-minute hearing which saw him bombard Mr Petersen with “R-rated language”.

Mr Petersen was accused of lying about a plea deal made with a prosecutor on behalf of his client and of using fake documents to substantiate his claim.

The criminal complaint stated Mr Petersen advised a client to plead guilty to armed robbery because the prosecutor had agreed to downgrade the charge to attempted theft.

However, the prosecutor denied there was any such deal.

As for the judge, this is not the first time he has courted controversy. In 2011 he told a defendant accused of molestation that the man was “born gayer than a sweet smelling jock strap.”

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