And finally… coming clean

A millionaire couple have agreed to hand over £4 million allegedly generated through the so-called “Azerbaijan laundromat”.

Suleyman Javadov and Izzat Khanim Javadova have been under investigation by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) for years.

Mr Javadov is the son of an oligarch and his wife DJs in Ibiza under the name Mikaela Jav – with some of the alleged dirty money said to have been used on private jets to fly models to club nights.

The couple, who deny any wrongdoing, will surrender £4 million as part of a settlement agreed with the NCA and approved by the High Court in London, The Times reports.

Andy Lewis, the NCA’s head of asset denial, said: “Anyone who used the Azerbaijan laundromat should not rest easy, as your assets in the UK are potentially recoverable.”

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