And finally… cocaine cat

A big cat found wandering the streets of a US city was found to have a taste for something stronger than catnip — cocaine.

Dog wardens in Cincinnati, Ohio were called out to the city’s Oakley neighbourhood following reports of a “leopard” up a tree.

The animal handlers were able to coax the big wild cat out of the tree and take him to a vet, who identified him as an African serval, which are illegal to own in Ohio.

Then, in what could have been a cut scene from Hollywood comedy Cocaine Bear, the big cat’s blood tested positive for cocaine, WLWT reports.

The serval, named Amiry by his carers, is now going through rehab and could soon find a new home in the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Amiry’s owner has been identified but is reportedly co-operating with officials and not facing criminal charges at this time.

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