And finally… cause and effect

And finally... cause and effect

Fatal motorcycle accidents have skyrocketed in a US state since it repealed a mandatory helmet law.

Since Missouri scrapped a law requiring motorcyclists to wear a helmet in 2020, fatalities have increased by 47 per cent, Kansas City Public Radio reports.

With 174 deaths, 2023 was the deadliest year on record for motorcyclists in the state.

By contrast, fatalities linked to other types of vehicles have all declined over the same time period.

A legislative committee reviewing the figures appeared to accept the link between the change in the law and rise in fatalities, but came short of recommending a U-turn.

Don Mayhew, chair of the Missouri House transportation accountability committee, said: “I don’t disagree that the helmet laws made a difference in the number of fatalities. I think that’s pretty obvious.”

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