And finally… body of evidence

And finally... body of evidence

A man has been acquitted of drink-driving following his diagnosis with a rare condition that leads to the production of alcohol in the body.

The 40-year-old Belgian man, who has not been named, insisted that he had not been drinking despite failing roadside breath tests on two occasions in 2022, VRT NWS reports.

Medical tests subsequently diagnosed him with auto-brewery syndrome (ABS), an extremely rare condition where the digestive system turns carbohydrates into alcohol.

The man — who incidentally works in a brewery — was acquitted of drink-driving on the basis he was previously unaware of his condition.

Anse Ghesquière, the man’s lawyer, said: “He is relieved — now he knows where he stands. The judge ruled that he suffered from a condition that he did not know existed, and could not foresee or prevent. As a result, he was in a situation which he could not avoid.”

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