And finally… American dream

And finally... American dream

A US property developer is building houses solely for what he calls “patriotic Americans”, with the stipulation that the Stars and Stripes flag must always be displayed.

The estate, known as 1,776 Gastonia, will feature 43 homes exclusively available to individuals aged 55 and above. The starting price for these homes will be $450,000 (£350,000).

The promotional brochure promises a community “where patriotism lives”. Prospective homeowners will be expected to adhere to the so-called “1776 standards”, which includes a commitment to “cherish the country and embrace the constitution”.

Brock Fankhauser, founder of Great American Homes, revealed to broadcaster WCNC that each new occupant will be provided with a flag upon moving into the North Carolina estate.

He said: “We’re handling the American flag like an architectural element. And so those that agree with what we’re doing will know it upfront. Our vision is to combine American patriotism, home ownership as the American dream, and the founding ideals of our country.”

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