And finally… all at sea

A wannabe lawyer who was hauled into court on cannabis charges has been shown mercy by a judge he tried to lecture about the enforceability of British laws.

Mark Angell parroted pervasive Internet-based conspiracies that all UK laws are maritime laws which do not apply on land, Devon Live reports.

He was jailed at a previous hearing when he refused to go into the dock, claiming it would subject him to maritime law.

The trial was brought after police seized nearly 95 grams of cannabis from Mr Angell’s property, which he said was for pain relief.

Recorder Mr Ignatius Hughes QC allows Mr Angell to sit in the well of Exeter Crown Court while he explained some legal basics to him.

Mr Angell eventually pleaded guilty to the charge and was conditionally discharged for six months.

The judge told him that would be the end of the matter, presuming Mr Angell stayed out of trouble.

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