And finally… air rage

A man who hit a parking warden with his car in a bid to avoid airport drop-off fees has been spared jail by a judge who recently faced them.

Judge Bernard Lever slapped Graham Benbow, 55, with a six-month sentence suspended for two years.

Manchester Crown Court heard that Benbow had attempted to drive through an open barrier at Manchester Airport after finding out there was a £3 drop-off charge, The Mirror reports.

Judge Lever said the charges were a “disgrace” and he had faced them himself just days beforehand.

He told Benbow: “You are fortunate indeed that I have faced these facilities myself recently.

“Whilst I am 100 per cent against your behaviour and losing self control, I am 100 per cent against the airport behaving in this manner against people who have no or little choice at dropping their families at the airport in this way.”

He added: “I quite understand why you lost your rag and completely flipped in the way you did.”

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