Acceptance of PIAB assessments ‘approaching pre-guidelines levels’

Acceptance of PIAB assessments 'approaching pre-guidelines levels'

Dara Calleary

Acceptance rates for assessments by the Personal Injuries Assessments Board (PIAB) are returning to levels prior to the introduction of the personal injury guidelines last year, the government has said.

Average general damages as assessed by PIAB have decreased by 44 per cent since the guidelines were introduced in April 2021, according to PIAB’s third report on the issue.

The average PIAB award is now €14,786 compared with €23,877 in 2020.

Acceptance rates have increased to 48 per cent as of June 2022, up from 36 per cent in May 2021. Acceptance rates were 51 per cent prior to the introduction of the guidelines.

Dara Calleary, minister of state with responsibility for PIAB, said he was “pleased” to see acceptance rates “approaching pre-guidelines levels as claimants and respondents adjust to the new level of awards”.

He added: “PIAB assesses personal injury claims in a fair, consistent and transparent manner. I am committed to progressing a programme of legislative reform to strengthen PIAB.

“Legislation I am currently bringing through the Oireachtas will facilitate an increase in the number of personal injury claims that may be resolved through the Board and without recourse to litigation.

“I am determined to progress this legislation to enactment in 2022. I am confident that these reforms will increase the number of personal injury claims resolved through the PIAB process which offers a faster and more cost-effective resolution of personal injuries claims than litigation.”

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